Husband Freaks Out When Wife Texts Photos Of Their New “Adopted Coyote”

You have to admire people who are ready to throw their homes and their hearts open to any stray animal that passes by. In fact, without them, the streets of the country would be full of feral animals and very unhappy former pets.

However, there is one important lesson to be learned before you get into the adoptive spirit and bring home a new furry chum—that is, you must know the difference between something that can be a pet and something that can eat your children. Justin Bogh wasn’t convinced that his wife, Kayla Eby, had learned that lesson. He was extremely surprised when she sent him the pictures of a “puppy” that she had found and adopted from the outside world.

That’s because the pictures were of a coyote. Thinking that she’d brought this dangerous wild animal into his home to play with his children, Justin lost it. The conversation between the couple veers into hilarity as his wife pulls off her sheisty Photoshop prank perfectly.

Getting Started

The whole thing begins with this heartwarming shot of a baby coyote asleep in the family home.


Not Quite There Yet

He’s barely paying attention at first but then the cold reality dawns on him. It’s a coyote, not a dog.


The Threat Of Divorce

It’s a joke but we can imagine that just for a second as he typed this… he wasn’t joking.


Nobody Does This

Do they? Well, it’s clear that while “nobody does this,” he’s prepared to believe that his wife will.


She Turns The Screws

“You said we could for Christmas.” An artful play by a master of the windup.


Not The Momma

Of course, no mother on earth is going to let a coyote play with their infant son. But daddy doesn’t know it.


Her Track Record Is Clearly Counting Against Her

It’s the four ferrets that clearly influence his state of mind here.


She’s Not David Attenborough

It’s fair to say that if she had brought a coyote home, asking her for advice on their eating habits would be foolish.



The Finishing Touches Are Coming

Throw in a truly alarming detail and then a hint that you’re really joking.


Poor Dad, He’s Just About To Lose His Mind

You have to say that despite the foul language in this little exchange, dad continues to try and do the right thing throughout. We have to wonder why he didn’t call the police at this point, though?



The best moment of any practical joke is when the final reveal effortlessly lands home. This was truly brilliant.


The Complete Confession

It is essential to ensure that your husband doesn’t lose his mind permanently after pulling off a prank like this. The wife decided to explain the mechanics of the whole thing to him. It’s either that or the divorce threat stops being a joke and becomes a real thing…