Hyperrealist Creates Amazing Pieces

Hyperrealism is one of the most amazing art forms. It showcases creativity in the highest form. We have seen other hyperrealists create human portraits, but this artist creates hyperrealistic pictures of animals and objects. His pictures will blow you away.

Young Sung Kim, a Korean artist based in London went viral on social media for creating a hyperrealistic picture of a fish in a glass of water. At a glance, it looks like a picture, but looking closely, it is art. Kim takes videos as he draws to show the progress of his work. And his technique is amazing.

He shares his work on his Instagram page, Twitter feed as well as Facebook. On Instagram, he has more than 170,000 followers. Kim says it takes three to ten months to create each painting and he uses oil paint for his work. We found lots of astonishing artworks, but scroll below for a few of our best picks:

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Artist in Focus^^🐠 Young-sung Kims' fascination with art began at a young age, with a 9-year old Kim experimenting with drawing specimens of a cicadas (small jumping bugs). He remembers both the positive emotions associated with the painting and the disappointment he felt when he knew it wasn't the best it could be. This drive for perfectionism is ever present in his work. A manifestation of this search for the ultimate realism, Kim scores his paintings on a 100 point scale every time he finishes one. No painting has passed the 90 mark. Kim employs a staunch methodology which involves drawing and planning for new pieces, taking photographs, preparing the canvas, sketching, drawing and then beginning the painting – initially with small brushes working up to larger and larger – most often for 12 hours per day. "It usually takes 3 to 10 months per piece, my longest took 3 years." His technique with photography, offers an insight into how he creates amazing depth in his paintings. He photographs his small subjects (insects, fish, animals) using the best camera and macro-lens combination, enabling him to capture detail often unseeable to the human eye….. Full Article is here!~ https://www.plusonegallery.com/blog/131/ #김영성 #극사실 #하이퍼리얼리즘 #달팽이 #물고기 #안도라 #극사실주의 #개구리 #현대미술 #YoungsungKim #ykim #Hyperrealism #modernart #oil #painting #drawing #contemporaryart #art #handpainted #environment #frog #snail #insect #goldfish #animal #sculpture #plusonegallery #museum #museudeltabac #andorra

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