Artist Creates Carved Totems with Avocado Pits

Image via avocadostonefaces/Instagram

It takes a talented artist to come up with art from an unlikely object. We have seen art in so many different forms, but this artist does something unique like you have never seen before. She uses avocado pits to create carved totems.

When almost everyone sees the pits of avocado as trash, Irish artist
Jan Campbell sees them as a form of art. She formed a niche by sculpting pits.

This talented artist refers to her avocado pits as stones. She treats the stones like precious marble as she uses them to create Celtic folklore inspired totems. There are so many uses for the art pieces. Some are worn as pendants and resemble miniature totems of forest spirits. They also give off a calming vibe when you look at them.

Scroll below to see some of Jan’s beautiful carved totems from her Instagram page.