Jessica Merchant is Your Resource for Easy Everyday Recipes

Jessica Merchant wants to be your resource for everyday recipes. Which is easier said than done. According to the self-taught cook, in order to share her recipes daily, she makes upwards of six recipes per day.

Her hard work seems to have paid off. With almost 380k followers on Instagram, Merchant has become the go-to source for easy, quick recipes and is also a best-selling cookbook author, with both Seriously Delish, and The Pretty Dish becoming instant bestsellers.

“One of my main points is to not be afraid to make things your own,” she told Bakepedia. As an example, she gives her crisps recipe: “I knew that my readers love crisps, and I started thinking about how I could make one that was just a bit different, but still easy and accessible.”

Her experimental approach means she’s admittedly a better cook than a baker, as she has an aversion to following instructions of any kind. “My desserts aren’t as precise as many [dessert recipes], and a lot of them allow you to swap things in and out,” she states, “it’s all about trial and error; that’s how I learned to bake. So don’t be afraid!”

Recent recipes include shrimp fajitas and a pumpkin dream cake, a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu. You can follow Merchant’s recipes on her blog How Sweet Eats, her books, or her Instagram page.