Kelly Kozma’s Abstract Fiber Art Looks Like Alien Petri Dishes

Abstract and colorful, Kelly Kozma’s fiber art reminds of something organic (an alien life form, a strange petri dish) rather than what it actually is. The mixed-media artist combines drawing, painting, and hand embroidery, creating pieces that explode with color and originality.

“I struggled with labels and thought I could only be one type of artist,” she admitted in an interview with Textile Artist. “Initially, I was convinced I would become a figure painter, as many of us do, being immersed in countless hours of drawing nude models in art school. It wasn’t until I started painting life-size portraits on fabric that I started to get the textile itch.”

But her love for fabric and textile wasn’t intuitive, and it was with time that it fully blossomed. “When I was younger I only associated textiles with quilts and clothing, more functional items,” she admitted. “I had a lot of stigmas about what art was, and it took a lot of time, exploration, and life experience to break down those perimeters.”

Her exploration was fruitful and she’s since showcased her work in solo exhibitions around the US. You can take a peek at some of her work on her Instagram page.