This Chef Creates Yummy, Healthy Recipes Anybody Can Make

As much as we love a good food IG account, it’s hard to be a foodie and remain healthy. The most mouth-watering food isn’t always the best thing for us. So how do we manage a healthy, balanced diet and a passion for food? It’s actually pretty simple – by following Lucia Lee.

Lee is a chef and minimalist, and she combined those two loves by creating simple, healthy, and easy recipes that also look good and taste amazing. Her inspiration comes from everywhere – from Asian to American cuisine and from high-end, sophisticated courses to simple street-food.

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Broiled baby eggplants with roasted sungolds, drizzled with garlic-infused honey, toasted pine nuts, torn mint and urfa pepper. __________________ Eggplant: Cut a few baby eggplants (sometimes called Indian eggplants) in half, then score in a criss-cross pattern with a paring knife. Sprinkle kosher salt generously all over cut side and let sit for about 30+ min. to draw out excess moisture and bitterness. Rinse under cold water and pat dry. Drizzle or spray neutral oil all over eggplants. Broil, cut side up, on high for about 3-4 inches from the heat source until eggplants are golden brown and a little charred in some spots. Meanwhile, toss a few handfuls of sungold tomatoes in oil and roast in the oven (until slightly bursting) on a lower rack while the eggplants are broiling. Remove everything from oven and let cool a bit. __________________ Drizzle garlic-infused honey over everything, sprinkle on some seat salt + smoky urfa pepper. Add on some torn mint + toasted pine nuts. Serve at room temp as is or with yogurt. __________________ Garlic-infused honey: Peel and smash a few cloves of garlic, keeping them mostly in large pieces. Mix and cover with about a cup of honey (preferably raw) in a clean jar. Infuse for an hour or for a few days on the countertop. You’ll have a lot of infused honey left–use on pizza, roasted meats and vegetables. If you’re iffy about leaving the garlic-honey on your countertop, feel free to refrigerate it. But take the honey out of the fridge and bring it to room temp so it’s easier to drizzle.

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The results are awe-inspiring. She uses fresh, healthy ingredients to create well-balanced dishes, but she doesn’t stop there: the dishes are gorgeous to look at. We can scroll through her grid all day long and not get tired of it (but we will probably get hungry).

Lee wants to spread her love of yummy, healthy food, so she doesn’t just upload photos of her creations to Instagram – she also shares the recipe of each and every dish! In the spirit of her account, those recipes are easy to follow and use basic ingredients that are available in every supermarket. Even someone with no cooking experience whatsoever can make them and have a lovely meal.