Kitten Sings Along to Nursery Rhyme

Cats can sing. Did you know that? Okay, maybe not exactly, but they understand music and love to listen to it. We have seen videos of cats being sung to or listening to their owner play a musical instrument. It all shows that the creatures love music. But with some extra training, cats can learn to sing along.

This kitten in our video today proves that cats can sing along. Her owner starts by asking her if she is ready and she responds gleefully, signaling her to start the song. Then she starts singing a modified version the nursery rhyme “If you’re happy and you know it” by LittleBabyBurn.

She sings the first part and waits for the kitten to respond, and she does. The woman continues to sing, and the cat answers right on cue. It is the most beautiful thing you will see today.

Watch the adorable video below.

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