This Golden Retriever Has A Rare Condition That Leaves a Black Mark On His Face

Image via mister.enzoviola/Instagram

No, this cute and adorable doggo didn’t play in the mud and dirt, he was born like that.

Enzo is a Golden retriever who was born with a genetic mutation. The pro napper, sock-thief, kiss-giver and fuzzy snuggler has a rare condition called pigmented somatic cell mutation. It doesn’t harm him, it only led to a black marking appearing on his adorable face.

“Golden retrievers are born with a base black coat, with a ‘modifier gene’ that turns them golden,” Ella Castro, Enzo’s owner said.  “Almost every dog has this modifier. Enzo has a little stumble in his DNA that erased it on that one part of his face.”

Enzo has an Instagram account with over 133k followers who are in love with his cute face.

Scroll down and check out his photos below.