Laxmi Hussain Has Definitely Got the Blues

There’s something quite soothing about Laxmi Hussain’s watercolor paintings and drawings. It could be her very obvious choice of the color blue. Sticking to a brilliant and rich shade of blue, her work is often stripped down to the bare essentials: a bird reduced to an outline or a face with an absent feature—all still recognizable and very much present.

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Tonight’s the night! 8pm on @skyartsartistoftheyear if you’ve been watching you might recognise my portrait from the main screen when it cuts to ads. I’ve not seen the episode yet and it’s been a while since we filmed it so it’s reignited the excitement I had taking part. I learnt a lot about myself and how much faith I’ve put in my work, my trust in believing my dreams. I’m a positive person, I go with my instincts a lot in life, I’m hopeful and an optimist. Some might say a lot of that was stripped away when mum left us, we filmed tonight’s heat the day before I found out we had days left, and she died just 8 short days later. The last proper conversation I had with her was about what I was doing, I couldn’t grasp how much she took in because it was hard for her to express many things in those last weeks and true real moments were blips. She did say she was proud, and I caught a photo of her with that proud smile on her face. It’s easy to lose the things you want when your world comes crashing down, it’s easy to lose your way, it’s easy to buckle and fall but it’s also ok. I’ve lost my way a million times, I’ve woken to find myself crying in my sleep and haven’t realised. I’ve sobbed myself to sleep and been in immense physical pain because that’s what grief is. You miss the one you love with all that they took with them and a part of that is some of yourself. They should be here with you sharing incredible life achievements, like courage, entering this competition was a big leap of faith, and courage. My point is there are new moments of courage and today mine is getting through the day, knowing you’re going to be sitting right next to me tonight proudly watching with me. I love you so much 💙✨ #livingwithgrief #grief #skyarts #skyartsportraitartistoftheyear

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Her minimalistic style invites the viewer to engage with her artworks, filling in the absences rather than just dismissing the work and moving on. It’s this distinctive style that has brought her an abundance of commercial clients and individuals. Meanwhile, her more personal work can be found on her Instagram page as well as showcased at galleries and art events across London.

Based in London, Hussain’s artistic passion sparked early on, and she recalls spending hours sketching on the counter in her dad’s corner shop. But according to her biography, it was only since the birth of her first child that she decided to take her hobby more seriously. And so, she picked up the pencil once again, reclaiming her own identity amid the emotional blurrings of motherhood.

Her sources of inspiration vary and include anything from the patterns of home interiors to the natural shapes of the outdoors and the geometries of architecture. Working in several different media, and most usually at night, she is driven by experimentation, constantly exploring new techniques and searching for the shapes and subjects they express best. 

Take a look at some of her experimentations with the color blue.