Life’s Too Short, Write That Letter

It might be the melancholic weather that’s got us feeling a bit nostalgic, but lately, we’ve become enthralled with the notion of reviving the lost art of letter writing. Because God knows, there’s nothing more exhilarating than discovering a handwritten letter in your mailbox (written just for you!).

Luckily, the Sleepy Bee Studio has got us covered when it comes to stationery. Run by husband and wife team, Gavin and Charlie, the studio offers a range of stationery products, all lovingly handmade with high-quality materials. These aren’t just papers and notepads. They’re beautiful keepsakes meant to be cherished and admired.

Their unique range also includes illustrated tissue paper that’s printed using soy ink, as well as self-adhesive wax seals that add a lovely finish. Their gift sets even come with little handmade faux-leather envelope pencil pouches, so you know you’re covered.

According to Charlie (who goes only by her first name), though our world is very much digital, there is still room for tactile experiences. “I’ve asked a lot of people to recall the last time they sent or received a lovely handwritten letter,” she said in an interview with the Printed blog.

“Hardly anyone could remember. There’s no getting away from the ease of an email, but I really hope that by selling these products I can get as many people as possible taking a little time out of their day to correspond to a friend or loved one with a letter.”

Take a look at some of their nostalgic designs in the gallery below.