Mokshini’s Illustrations are Inspired by City Life

A young artist named Naddy, who’s also known as Mokshini, creates buzzing illustrations that celebrate urban city life, among other topics. She’s based in Brooklyn so there’s plenty of inspiration around her. She enjoys exploring topics like fashion, women, and daily life in the city.

“The streets of New York and its eccentric personalities definitely became a hub for inspiration after I moved from my other home, New Zealand,” she says on her website. “There was so much to capture, I couldn’t stop drawing people! My style naturally began to showcase my love for whimsical characters and satirical storytelling.”

This talented artist has worked with many famous brands in the past, including Faber Castell, Vans, J Crew, Ralph Lauren, and many others. Her illustrations tell stories about vibrant city life and always leave us wanting more.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram and watch her interpretation of the seasons changing and life going by as she explores intimate interior scenes and public city life. Her characters will remind you of people you see everywhere around you, and if you want to be able to look at some of her pieces on your own walls, visit her online shop.