This Dad Draws Hilarious Puns on His Daughters’ Sandwich Bags

Remember the happy feeling when you found a love note in your lunch bag left by your mom or dad? Well, some parents love to bring these little messages to a whole another level, like SandwichBagDad. This dad tries to improve his kids’ school lunches by creating gags, bad puns, and dad jokes on sandwich bags.

The idea was born eight years ago when his eldest daughter became a schooler. In the beginning, he had to carve her sandwiches, but later, he discovered that it was more entertaining to draw something interesting on the bags.

“My daughter’s lunch bag drawing reveals rapidly became a big hit in her classroom… and a major talking point at parent-teacher evening,” Dave shared with Bored Panda, and explained that the idea of opening an Instagram account came from one of his daughter’s teacher.

Today, Dave has three daughters, and every day he creates new and funny doodles on their sandwich bags. Although he has a very creative mind and is great at doing his art, he only does it for fun and to make his daughters roll their eyes.

Scroll down and have fun exploring SandwichBagDad’s Instagram profile.