Magician Captures Children’s Reaction While Watching Magic

Image via magicalfacesproject/Instagram

Let’s be honest, how many of us dreamed about becoming a magician? One thing is for sure; we really wanted to pull out a bunny from that hat!

Matt Penny isn’t an ordinary dad, he is, in fact, a magician who has been doing magic tricks for over three decades! And all it needed for him to fall in love with magic was one silly card trick.

“It was called ‘Find the Lady’ and I watched a Queen turn to an Ace right in front of my eyes,” the magician shares. “I was instantly hooked. And whilst it’s fun to bewilder adults with mind reading and sleight of hand, nothing compares to the sheer innocence, joy and wonder of a child experiencing magic.”

On his Instagram profile called magicalfacesproject, together with a photographer called Mac Rovik, he shares photographs of kids seeing a magic trick.

Scroll down and check out the adorable photo series below.