This Company Creates Custom Animal Slippers That Look Exactly Like Your Pet

Cuddle Clones’ mission is to “celebrate the joy of pet ownership.” And one way of doing that is to create handmade plush replicas of your pets. Even when you’re away, you can still feel the presence of your beloved pets through their adorable fuzzy animal slippers and plush clones.

The company captures all the physical details and personality attributes of your pet including the unique expression on their faces. When commissioning a pair of slippers, their requirement is a photo of your pet’s face including their fur color, chest, backside and tail. Since each animal is unique, you can differentiate one stuffed toy to another.

After 8 weeks, you’ll receive the cutest plush slippers that not only look like your furry buddy, but will also keep your feet warm and comfy.

For FURther details, check out Cuddle Clones official website here.