Serbian Visual Artist Creates Dark And Profound Paintings and Designs

Danilo Jeknic is an artist based in Serbia whose dark and mysterious artworks have caught our attention. He graduated as a sculptor at the Faculty for Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, but he also has a strong passion for illustrating and painting. Drawing has been his method of expression since childhood, and sculpting taught him how to present his visions in three-dimensional space.  

This artist draws inspiration from the dark and mysterious contents of the human unconscious. He mostly paints and illustrates portraits, because that way he can express his emotions and breathe life into every character. He often draws with coal and prefers doing quick drawings, rather than spending days or weeks on one piece of work. As time went by, he felt like he needed more space to express himself, so started making digital images and video works.

Fascinated with movement and space manipulations, he created a whole new universe for himself. For his digital work, he always mixes his original drawings with real objects and people, and this requires constant work and practice. His illustrations are often impregnated with mysticism and dark symbolism. The artistic process for him is a method of channeling his unconscious and his goal is to introduce these contents to the audience.