Stefano Marra’s Minimalist Art Speaks Volumes

We can’t get enough of Stefano Marra’s graphic illustrations. Minimalist, bold, and geometric, his illustrations make for a powerful statement without saying much. Such is the power of minimalism.

“I think that the idea is the center of my work,” says Marra in an interview with Illustrators’ Lounge. “If the original idea is good, if it can transmit something, then you can work on it in many ways. Never be trivial, try to find your own way to communicate something.”

Based in the south of Italy, Marra recalls exploring his creative side from a very young age. “I’ve always enjoyed drawing,” he said. “When I was a kid I used to copy the illustrations of Popeye and Donald Duck that I had on the VHS. My parents stimulated my passion for drawings. I wanted to be an animator, I always wanted to tell a story.”

After studying at an art-oriented high-school he went on to enroll at the School of Design in Vietri sul Mare, specializing in graphic design and illustration. “After school, I met Ilaria Grimaldi, an illustrator (who became my friend) and taught me a lot of things of the illustration world and suggested I stick with it, even if my education was more focused on graphic design,” he recalled.

Take a look at some of his awe-inspiring work: