Lorien Stern’s Ceramic Art Will Spark Joy in Your Life

There’s no shortage in our need to fill our homes with quirky ceramic sets. A quick way to add a spark of personality to your place, ceramic art is always there to save the day. This week, we present you Lorien Stern’s ceramic pieces.

From a ceramic shark head, meant to hang above your fireplace, to a flower vase shaped like a ghost, Stern’s creations are as funny as they are unique. Based in Inyokern, California she runs a small brand consisting of clothing, home goods, and accessories. Her one goal as an artist being: making people feel happy.

“I feel that my consistent theme is making work that makes me feel happy,” she said in an interview with the Urban Outfitters blog. “Even if it has to do with unsettling subjects like death, or mysteries of the ocean, I like it all to bring out positive feelings.”

“I would die to team up and design products with museum gift shop,” she added. “Especially The Museum of Natural History in NYC. I grew up visiting there once or twice a year with my grandparents. Museum/Zoo/Aquarium gift shops have always inspired me.”

Check out some of her creations. Do you have a favorite?

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