Meet The YouTuber Who Makes All Of Her Own Clothes

    Fashion is a great way to express ourselves and add some creativity and fun to our daily lives. However, most of us usually stick to buying our clothes – online, in retail stores or in independent boutiques. The variety is huge, but if we’re being honest, there’s only so much creativity in buying a mass-produced top or skirt.

    This limitation is exactly what made Wendy, a YouTuber based in Toronto, Canada, decide to make her own clothes.

    Wendy is a one-hundred percent self-taught sewist and fashion designer. She has made it her mission to bring the art of sewing into the 21st century and makes it something millennials like herself could enjoy. She makes up her own designs, creates her own takes on fashion trends, and turns second-hand clothes into new, fresh items.

    And as if that’s not enough, Wendy uploads tutorials of her creations to her YouTube Channel, named WithWendy, so that her audience can make their own versions of her designs! She makes sure to be beginner-friendly and to explain the entire process so that truly everybody can join in on the fun.

    It’s time to take out your mom’s old sewing machine from the basement, clean off the dust, and start sewing! Scroll down to check out some of Wendy’s designs.