These Short Animations Cut to the Chase

Aleksandar Dumic’s short animations might be simple, but they’re very much pleasurable. Shared on Instagram, his work – bold and graphic – sticks to a restricted color palette.

“Over time my style has evolved,” Dumic said in an interview with Ballpit Magazine. “In the beginning, I used the details and textures to emphasize the story. As I started to deal with animation my illustrations have become simplified and more adapted to animation. Animation has enabled me to express myself in many ways. My style is a combination of smooth and flat shapes which are emphasized by the movement and wide range of colors.”

Aside from his animations, Dumic also illustrates.“Everything starts when I lie down to sleep,” said the Bosnian graphic artist. “I try to write down or sketch all the ideas that are rushing thru my mind. For the animation purposes I make storyboards which I later reproduce in a digital form. The script defines the style. I’m using a wide range of colors to create illustrations. The crucial aspect of animation is timing and emphasizing the right moment.”

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