Nacho Diaz Arjona Creates Funny and Clever Illustrations

There are plenty of artists who create funny and quirky illustrations and share them with social media followers, yet we’re always happy when we find new ones to follow. They make us laugh and make our daily lives a bit easier and more cheerful, and one of them is illustrator Nacho Diaz Arjona. He lives in Malaga, Spain, and has a pretty big social media following—over 600,000 people on Instagram at the moment of writing this.

Arjona is an animator and 3D illustrator who creates these clever illustrations for fun. “After 12 years as a full-time illustrator, I decided to take a big step in my career and I switched to animation. Storytelling is my passion, so I feel that animation allows me to create a much better representation of my concepts and characters,” he writes on his website.

The artist published two illustrated books, Villains Need Love (2017) and El Lado Adorable de la Vida (2021). His characters are often personified foods and other objects but the situations they find themselves in can be very relatable. Scroll down to check out some of his recent works and follow him on Instagram to see more. We’re sure you’re going to love his work as much as we do!