These Unusual Artworks Feature Dry Flowers

Karo Knitter is a Poland-born and Germany-raised multidisciplinary artist and self-described autodidact who creates unusual pieces from ceramics, vintage objects, and things from nature.

This time around, we will focus on Knitter’s artworks that feature dry flowers as their main component. These beautiful compositions bring together vintage elements with contemporary art and serve as a unique form of expressions.

The process begins with Knitter carefully picking dried petals, leaves, stems, or sometimes entire flowers from her collection. She then arranges the items on a canvas, laying the foundation of the piece.

After the flowers are put in place, Knitter then adds other elements of the artwork like color and paper cutouts to achieve her artistic vision. The piece is then placed into a vintage frame and ready to be displayed and cherished.

According to Knitter, her artistic works are influenced by her surroundings. On one side, there is Germany’s “urban culture of the concrete area,” in which she was raised, while on the other is “kitsch and nature of Poland,” her native country.

Knitter has exhibited her works on multiple occasions all around Germany. She is also on Instagram and has an Etsy shop where people can buy her art. Check out more of it below.