Painter Relieves Her Childhood Through Her Creations

Some people like to watch old photographs and relive their childhood, while others are into short clips and movies. But Nastasya Chudakova, a talented painter, uses blank canvases and paints and depicts fragments from her youth.

She was raised in Kaluga, Russia, where not many teachers supported her dream to become a successful artist. However, that didn’t stop her from the thing she loved the most. Instead, it made her stronger.

She didn’t finish high school or higher professional education. Instead, she taught herself.

“I mastered oil painting on my own, however, as well as the science of composition—and I still study. The self-taught path is difficult, full of pitfalls and controversial information, but incredibly exciting,” the artist shared.

“The choice of subjects, and I am asked about this very often, did not stand in front of me: I was always drawn by the image of a small town and a small person. And a combination of incongruous in our time,” she added.

Currently based in Moscow, Chudakova showcases her artworks on her Instagram page. There, she has attracted over 60,000 followers.