Owl Steals a Stick Horse, Gets Mistaken for a Witch

Halloween came early for some residents of Eureka, Illinois, after they saw what seemed to be a witch flying around on a broom. However, it turned out that the story behind this uncanny sight was more on the funny side.

Eureka native Eric Lind recently shared details about the unusual event on his Facebook profile. It turned out that the “witch” was actually an owl who stole a stick horse from one of the kids in the neighborhood. The bird then decided to give the stick horse a spin, flying around and spooking more than a few people.

Lind’s post soon became viral, receiving 18K likes and getting shared more than 100K times in just a few weeks. Other FB users were mostly entertained with the video, although some of them wondered if maybe the owl was somehow “entangled” with the stick horse. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

“We have no reason to believe this is the case as we witnessed the owl moving the horse around and even changing it’s grip on it at one point,” clarified Lind in the post. “The owl is part of a family of owls that have been in the neighborhood for about 6 months now, and this is one of the young owls.”

It appears that only the kid who lost his stick horse didn’t have fun in this situation. We do hope his parents got him a new one or that he’ll at least have many candies from trick or treating and forget about the toy.