Portuguese Artist Gives Popular Logos a Retro Remake

Rafael Serra is a Portuguese lettering artist and designer who reimagines logos of popular brands in a retro and vintage style through his ongoing “Lettering Series”.

Serra is visibly inspired by billboards and advertising campaigns of the 1970s. He uses a combination of bright colors, rigid shapes, and “old-school” lettering to infuse the feel of the era to the modern logos.

Despite being sent back in time by Serra, the logos are still instantly recognizable and keep the same appeal. Arguably, some even look prettier in their retro outfit.

Art has a way of blending worlds together, and such is definitely the case with time periods as well. Serra is showing that it’s possible to combine the genius of modern companies with the brilliance of the past, and we’re loving every minute of it.

Among the brands that received a remake by Serra are Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Pizza Hut, and more. Through this new retro lens, we’re able to see these modern companies in a new light.

Check out his works below, and feel free to follow this artist on Instagram as well! Which of these did you like best?