Polaroid Releases New Camera Inspired By Jean-Michel Basquiat

Photo by Patrick on Unsplash

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s unique style, which drew inspiration from graffiti art, continues to captivate art enthusiasts and influence artists from all over the world. Camera maker Polaroid recently joined the celebration of Basquiat’s artworks and life by releasing a limited collection inspired by the Neo-expressionist artist.

The collection consists of a Now Generation 2 camera model covered with motifs from Basquiat’s iconic painting Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump as well as Basquiat Edition i-Type film and shoulder strap. The film packs are designed in 10 unique frames, each featuring a different artwork by the late artist, while the shoulder strap is adorned with artworks Untitled (Crown) and World Famous Vol. 1 Thesis.

According to Polaroid, each camera is hydro-dipped, ensuring that no two models are the same. 

 “Jean-Michel Basquiat pulled inspiration from everywhere, knowing that when you lead with instinct, creativity will follow, “Polaroid wrote on Instagram, introducing the camera. “We’re bringing the improvisational spark behind his extraordinary art to life with this collection.”

Basquiat Edition collection is available on Polaroid’s official website. Currently, the bundle containing all three items is listed as sold out, as are the shoulder straps. You can still get the camera for $156.99, while the triple pack of film costs $54.99.