Uber Driver’s Unique “Rider Menu” Amazes the Internet

When getting an Uber, most people are unsure whether to engage in conversation with their driver or sit in complete silence. If you chose the first option, you might get engaged in topics you are not comfortable talking about, while the second can make the ride feel quite awkward. 

In order to make the choice easier for his riders, one Uber driver decided to create a unique “rider menu”. The photo of the menu was recently shared on Reddit by user u/internetboyyn and ended up amazing on the internet.

At the top of the menu, the driver introduces himself as Guy and prompts the riders to wear a seatbelt while notifying them that he has a charger for any type of phone in case they are low on battery. Next, he lists all the menu options.

The riders who take an Uber ride with Guy can opt to ignore the menu and “sit in silence”, skip the small talk and talk about “big stuff”, or simply share something that is on their mind. Additionally, there are options to “rock it out” to a variety of XM Radio stations, learn something about Guy, or simply get recommendations on restaurants and accommodations.

The “rider menu” earned praise from other Reddit users, who thought that the idea was genius.

“Damn I love this. This guy is fun,” one user wrote.

“lol. I’d find excuses to ride in this uber,” another added.