These Dark Paintings Will Play With Your Perception

Born in London, and moved to Australia at an early age, Ian Paradine devoted his life to painting. As a grown-up, he spent some time living in Europe again during his studies. He began his studies of painting, drawing, photography and moving images in Melbourne and continued his education in London and Vienna.  

Paradine spent around 10 years in Vienna where his painting career flourished. He held 14 solo and group exhibitions and his work was seen also in the UK and Australia. In Vienna, he co-launched, ran and curated a gallery for commercial purposes, which held 6 exhibitions per year, and many emerging visual artists had a chance to exhibit their artworks there. This gallery was mainly focused on contemporary painting, photography, and new media.  

Today, Paradine lives and works in Australia again. He is mostly focused on painting, drawing on canvas, wood, and paper, as well as producing handmade lightboxes. His art can be described as strange and sometimes creepy, but also as very psychologically challenging. Many of his works remind of projective tests such as those on Rorshach’s tests. He is a very talented contemporary artist whose dark and profound art won’t leave any spectator indifferent.