Someone is Posting Cats With Jobs on Twitter, and It’s Hilarious

The internet loves photos and videos of cats, especially when they capture the felines doing unusual things. And one of the best places to find loads of such content is the Twitter profile “Cats with Jobs“.

The person behind the account posts hilarious photos and clips of cats doing everyday human work. For example, there are cats at the store registers, cats posing as mall security, cats doing station-master work, and much more.

Some of the content is user-submitted from cat owners who are proud of their pets “joining” the labor market and want to share it with the rest of the world. Others are a result of profile admin’s relentless research on the internet that results in amazing finds.

For example, this photo of a cat in a full doctor outfit waiting for its next patient is simply awesome. Just take a look at that serious face waiting for you to tell it your health issues. We can guess that this cat’s solution for every medical problem is a daily dose of petting and cuddling. And honestly, it is great medical advice in our books.

You can check out more “cat workers” by scrolling or by visiting the “Cats with Jobs” Twitter profile. We promise it will be worth your while.