Buffalo Family Hosts Group of South Korean Tourists Stuck in a Blizzard

Recent snowstorms across the United States have brought a unique experience for one group of tourists from South Korea. Instead of witnessing the spectacular sight of Niagara Falls, they ended up spending holidays with a Campagna family in Buffalo, New York.

Alexander and Andrea Campagna intended to stay in their house for Christmas and wait for the snowstorm to lose its momentum. But two days before Christmas, at around 2 p.m., they heard a knocking on their door. Alexander opened the door and was met with two South Korean tourists who were in need of help. Their tour van got stuck in the snow, and they wanted to borrow shovels to get it out.

Knowing that they wouldn’t get far even if they managed to get the bus on the road again, Alexander and Andrea decided to welcome the tourists to their house and provide them and their driver shelter until the weather improved. What followed was several days of getting to know each other, watching football, and eating a lot of South Korean food that the guests made.

“We have enjoyed this so much,” Alexander said when reached out to by The New York Times. “We will never forget this.”

According to Alexander, this was a “unique blessing” for him and Andrea and has inspired them to visit South Korea.

“We are happy and luckily and gracefully having a great Christmas with Andrea and Alex,” added Yoseb Choi, one of the tourists that stayed with Campagnas.

By Sunday, the snowstorm had calmed down, and the tourists decided to return to New York City. Most of them will leave for South Korea without seeing Niagara Falls, but at least they got an experience they will never forget.