Artist Creates Needle-Felt Mice and Turns Them Into Famous Characters

Rachel Austin is an artist who mastered needle-felting and whose tiny mice dressed up as famous characters went viral on the internet. She makes all kinds of felted stuff like toys or decorative elements and sells them on her online Etsy shop. She also runs an Instagram account where you can find a large collection of her works. The objects she makes are so small that it often gets very complicated to make them! She is known on the internet as “The Wishing Shed”.  

Austin has been needle-felting for the last 6 years and she developed a specific passion for making small animals. A tiny mouse was one of the first animals she attempted, but she also makes small birds, rabbits, and even bees – and they all look super-realistic!  

After the first successful mouse, she made hundreds of other mice in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Then she figured that it would be fun to dress them up as famous characters, sewing them outfits and making them small accessories from clay. She took pictures and posted them online and people are loving them! 

We absolutely fell in love with these little fellas and decided to share them with you. Enjoy!