The Dietitian That Set Out To Prove Healthy Eating Can Be Fun

Rachel DeVaux is a 26-year-old registered dietitian and personal trainer from Washington, USA. She has a passion for health and wellness, and her mission is to help others become healthy and in shape.

But Rachel’s love of health doesn’t mean she lives off of lettuce and cucumbers. In fact, Rachel is all about making a healthy lifestyle enjoyable. Rachel believes that the key to achieving a good healthy balance in the long term is building habits that are easy to maintain and incorporate into your daily routine. Cutting out all sugars and carbs is just not sustainable in the long run, and there’s no reason to be miserable when you can eat well and still have fun.

And that’s what Rachel’s IG account is al about. She documents her life, what she eats and her training routine, and makes sure to show how a healthy diet can also include a slice of cake or a cookie, how healthy meals can still be full of tastes and aromas, and how getting into shape can be fun and energizing.

All of that can be easily achieved by anybody and doesn’t require special equipment or ingredients. It’s hard not to get inspired by Rachel’s beautiful message.