These Bird Embroideries Are Simply Charming

Chloe Redfern fell in love with the traditional craft of embroidery because of the endless possibilities and textures that can be built up with stitch. Her creations – bright, colorful, and sweet, tend to revolve around one common theme: birds.

“One of my favorite things to embroider is birds,” she writes on her website, explaining that “their colors and patterns lend themselves so well to being translated into stitch, I really enjoy working out ways to turn certain details into areas of pattern (such as feather shapes on their wings) and working out how to stylize and simplify certain areas.”

But other animals aren’t excluded from her work and she’s inspired by both flora and fauna. “I love to stitch pictures of other animals too, and I’m also very inspired by plants, gardens and the landscape,” she writes.

Each piece begins with a preparatory drawing, that relies either on a photo or on Redfern’s imagination. When making an abstract piece, she will generally work more spontaneously, laying down stitch to see what emerges.

Here are some of our favorite bird embroideries: