The Geometric, Meditative Murals of Peru 143

Peruvian-Canadian muralist, Peru Dyer Jalea (aka Peru 143), hopes to get a positive message across through his eye-popping designs, splashed across walls around the world. Reworking simple and bright graphic elements (mainly geometric shapes), into complex, meditative, patterns, his art is meant to evoke a feeling of uplifting wonder.

He also hopes his work will encourage communities to rise above their differences and understanding the interconnectedness of all living things. A tall order, but then again, that’s exactly the kind of power art might have: the power to connect people by instilling a sense of wonder.

“We are all interconnected and even though we’ve created borders and hierarchies in the world we are still one people, a race of explorers in the constant pursuit of perfection,” said Jalea in an interview with Talenthouse. “We have to learn to better help each other.”

Born in Peru and based in Toronto, Jalea takes his message around the world. It was actually during one of his travels that he formulated his positive approach. But his message has also caught onto some commercial brands, with commissions from selected clients like Facebook, Nike, Cirque du Soleil, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.