The Watercolor Impressions of Yevgenia Watts

Yevgenia Watts found her artistic voice in watercolors (“I speak watercolor,” reads her Instagram bio). Whether it’s her portraits or landscapes, Watts manages to capture the very essence of the subject at hand, with a few simple brushstrokes.

“I really like the way it behaves like a living thing,” she wrote on her website, explaining how the paint floats and blooms as if it has a mind of its own. “It constantly surprises me,” she admits. With each piece, Watts pushes her boundaries, exploring further the different ways in which watercolor behaves.

“Watercolor is different than any other art medium,” she explains. “It’s about letting go. It’s about trusting in yourself to go where the water takes you.” According to Watts, immersing yourself in the loose colors on the page feels like finding the holy grail.

Much like her artwork, Watts’ inspiration is rich and varied. “It could be a beautiful light and dark pattern that catches my eye, a strong color contrast that excites me, or a grey foggy landscape that reflects my mood,” she explains. “It could be an expression on a stranger’s face or inspiration from a dream.”

Whatever her recipe is, it seems to be working.