Invite Nature Inside With These Pattern Designs

Charlotte Jade’s illustration style can be summarized in two words: nature and patterns. Her designs, all hand-drawn, are printed on wallpapers, textiles, and stationery, inviting the natural world inside. By celebrating the shapes, forms, textures, colors, and (of course) patterns, that are prevalent in our natural environment, Jade aims to restore our connection with nature.

Her work is mainly inspired by nature, and plants, foliage, flowers, and animals are all to be expected. But Jade is also a fashion enthusiast and keeps up to date with current fashion trends. As such, her work is has a stylish edge to it, that isn’t meant for the faint of heart.

Founded in 2015, her brand features luxury design collections available on wallpaper, textiles, upholstery fabrics, furniture, cushions, ceramic tiles, and flooring, with all products printed and made in the UK.

According to Jade, she enjoys the combination of hand drawings with digital design. “My work is quite detailed and I generally use a pencil to create my patterns,” she told Jung Katz, “however, I do enjoy combining pencil and paint, as I feel these two mediums create quite unique pattern designs.”

Take a look at some of her more striking designs.