These Glass Objects Look Good Enough to Eat

    Halle Mardahl’s dazzling glass pieces will make you, inadvertently, think of candy. The Danish designer creates lidded jars, vases, and lamps using hand-blown glass, brightly colored.

    “When I create my glass, I consider the magic of light, the way colors, shapes and patterns in the glass change under different lighting situations,” said the artist. “The candy collection came to life because I wanted to make the glass look tasty, like you could eat it. I’ve always loved sweet shops, the colors and the shapes, so I went full on trying to create a candy universe.”

    Having graduated in fashion design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Mardahl has exhibited her work around the world and has received several grants from the Danish Arts Council.

    Her website states that as a designer, she likes exploring “the contrast between organic shapes and hard materials… Her designs bring life to spaces, and are equally capable of standing alone or blending in.”

    Prepare to fall in love.