This Artist Turns Old Jeans Into Art

Ian Berry makes paintings, but he isn’t a painter. The Sweden-based British artist uses a unique material to create his “paintings” – denim. He makes gorgeous, blue-tinted pieces completely out of different types and shades of this everyday fabric.

Berry’s love affair with denim started one day when he went to visit his childhood home and found an old, worn pair of jeans that were about to be thrown out. The young artist, who’d been looking for new ways to create art, recognized an opportunity to make something completely new with the unwanted jeans, and immediately started experimenting with it and with other pieces of denim. He eventually developed his own special technique of manipulating the fabric and turning it into paintings of landscapes, people and objects.

The process isn’t an easy one – after planning his next piece and gathering enough fabric, Berry starts a process of cutting, bleaching, sewing and gluing together hundreds of tiny pieces. Each piece takes weeks to complete.

The final result isn’t only fun to look at but is also extremely impressive. Berry’s attention to details and meticulous work process result in almost photo-realistic images, with the unique texture and feel of denim. Scroll down to check out his works.

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The result will be unveiled next week! Finally.

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