This Company Creates Cutlery That Biodegrades After 240 Days

Biofase is a Mexican company who creates bioplastic products made of avocado seeds. Recently, they released their new invention – cutlery and straws that biodegrade after 240 days, without leaving any plastic behind.

If kept in a cool and dry place, these items will remain usable for one year. Mexico has an abundant supply of avocados, in fact they contribute about 45% of the international avocado market, according to Wikipedia.  

Since the country is full of avocados, Biofase decided to turned its seeds into something useful. They collect the seeds from companies who process avocados to produce guacamole or oil. It took the company over a year and a half to create this innovative and environment-friendly cutlery. Their technology was awarded on 2014 as Top 5 Bioplastics Innovations. Check out their cool products below.