This Sausage Squad is Spoiled to Bits!

When it comes to dogs, there isn’t a thing as too many. Harriet Birch, a dog walker from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, knows best. At 25 years old, Birch has a squad of sausage dogs.

Known online as Sausage Squad, the five daschunds, named Ivy, Missy, Button, Duke, Ivy, and Apple have gained a massive following online, thanks to their coordinated outfits and adorable adventures.

According to Birch, she got her first sausage pup, Missy, 10 years ago after begging her parents for one. Missy then went on to have two litters, from which she kept a dog from each – Button and Duke. But then Duke found a girlfriend and they had their own litter, with Apple completing the squad.

The viral squad has also gained some notoriety, after Birch admitted to spending around £800 a month on clothes, accessories, photoshoots, treats, toys, beds, blankets, food, and insurance.

“They are worth every single penny,” said Birch in an interview with Metro, admitting that they are definitely pampered pooches. “They have so many clothes, accessories, toys and we do so many activities, they go swimming every week and they do agility every week too,” she adds.

Some pooches have it all…