This is how VHS Covers Would Look like for 2017 TV Shows and Movies

Image via iamsteelberg/Instagram

For good or bad, VHS cassettes are a thing of the past. They were overrun by CDs and DVDs, which are ironically in danger of disappearing as well. But for some people, VHS remains an important reminder on some simpler times. You didn’t have Netflix, video-on-demand and all the availability of the modern world. Movie nights were a special event and people would often spend hours browsing through the local Blockbuster, in order to find the perfect movie.

An artist who goes by name Steelberg is one of those people who are nostalgic about VHS, and he decided to start creating VHS covers for TV shows and movies of the new age that were never released on this format. He did an excellent job with the covers, and if they were real, we would buy them just to admire them. We could stream the movie on Netflix of course. Now let’s take a look at Steelberg’s VHS covers for TV shows and movies released in 2017.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Stranger Things


Baby Driver

Blade Runner 2049