YouTubers Melt 1,000 Lollipops to Try and Make One Massive Lollipop

If you like crazy and fun experiments, you have probably stumbled upon a YouTube channel titled The King of Random. The crew behind this channel regularly engages in all sorts of entertaining and intriguing activities, and that was the case with their latest project as well.

This time they decided to melt 1,000 lollipops and see whether they can make one massive lollipop at the end.

The King of Random’s Nate and Calli got a new slow cooker recently and figured they could try it out by putting 1,176 small lollipops into it. The idea was to melt all the lollipops and then pour it into a mold for one giant lollipop.

Are you curious to see how that turned out at the end? Watch the video below to find out.