Urban Sketcher Creates Illuminated Architectural Drawings

Ukraine-native Nikita Busyak is a self-described “urban sketcher”. His works mostly consist out of detailed architectural drawings of buildings in his home city of Kharkiv and other destinations he visited. He also creates digital artworks and is an aspiring photographer.

This talented artist manages to capture the intricacies of the structures surrounding him, focusing on unique elements and features that make the buildings stand out among the cityscape. His drawings are even more impressive when you know that he only uses pen and ink to create them.

In order to make his illustrations even more life-like, Busyak also turns to digital software for help. After finishing the sketch, he uses photo-editing tools to subtly illuminate his work, making the light seem like a natural occurrence inside the drawing and adding another layer to already stunning scenery.

Considering everything we’ve seen of his up until now, the illumination extends beyond the surface of his artwork and into the subtext as well.

Busyak showcases his works on Instagram, where he has more than 50K followers. You can check out more of his illuminated architectural drawings, as well as other sketches below.