Jayson Mars’ Illustrations Are Inspired By Dreams

Jayson Mars’ illustrations are undeniably cool. Based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, his art is a mixture of African folklore, Afrofuturism, and sci-fi – a sort of futuristic, comics-like, vision but one that’s shrouded in mysticism.

According to Mars, his work is very much based on his intuitions. “I have always been strict about following my instincts when it comes to the drawing and coloring of artworks,” he shared with African Digital Art. “My art is mostly influenced by emotions and dreams, a spontaneous burst of creativity spurred on by my most inner thoughts and momentary isolation.”

Lead by his emotions and dreams, Mars says that his artwork is also the result of an epiphany. “On 06 December 2017 I had an epiphany,” he recalled. “For some reason on that day I realized I wanted to do art and nothing else, I have no interest in doing anything else.”

“I am inspired by dreams and people I see around me,” he goes on to say, adding that he’s “obsessed with capturing the aura of a person who has left a lasting impression on me.” A dramatic statement, but one that leaves us wanting to see more of this young creative.

In the meanwhile, you can follow his progress on Instagram: