94-Year-Old Grandma Crochets Woolen Hats foe Donataion

Rose Valdez is a 94-year-old great-grandma with a huge heart. Every year she makes hundreds of woolen hats which she donates to various charity organizations in her local community in Pueblo, Colorado. She started crocheting when she was 90, and since then she’s gifted many kids and adults with her cozy and colorful beanies.

“I don’t do nothing else, so I might as well do something for somebody,” Valdez told Fox21 News. “I make one a day or two. If I go steady, I make two in one day.”

Unfortunately, the grandma has health issues; she suffers from carpal tunnel, macular degeneration, and glaucoma, however, it doesn’t stop her from doing her crafts.

Due to her problems with her vision she prefers crocheting when it’s sunny outside because the natural light helps her see the crochet holes better. Not long ago, Valdez donated more than 100 hats to the Pueblo Cooperative Care Center.

“Thank you, Rose Valdez for the beautiful hats you crocheted,” they wrote on their Facebook. “You are truly a blessing to our community.”