Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Images with Ballpoint Pens

Image via mostafa.khodeir/Instagram

Mostafa Khodeir, an artist from Egypt, wowed people with his hyper-realistic drawings with a ballpoint pen.

Shortly after creating a Twitter account to showcase his work, he went viral. His pictures are so real that they could be mistaken for pictures. The picture he posted took him two months to complete.

This talented artist says he enjoys drawing with ballpoint pens. When he started out, his skill level was low, but over time, he has perfected the drawings.

He uses multiple colors, and different ballpoint pens and most of his drawings take more than one month to complete. His work always stuns the audience, and this is why he has accumulated thousands of followers on all his social media profiles. His fans are always eager to see more of his work.

See some of his best work below. What do you think? Amazing is the word.

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Ballpoint pen 2015

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