Artist Creates Webcomics to Share His Hilarious Ideas

Vincent is a 26-year-old guy with a passion for drawing and making people laugh. He is also the creator of a webcomic called LOLNEIN, a neologism composed of the acronym ‘LOL’ which means laughing out loud and the German word ‘NEIN’, that translates as ‘no’.

“Those two characteristics motivated me to create a webcomic,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “Since I was often doodling during lessons, comics seemed to be the perfect medium to share my ideas with the internet. So in 2013, I started the webcomic LOLNEIN.”

According to Vincent, his artwork is mostly about intimate objects that come into his life.

“That’s because I have always, especially as a child, personified things around me,” he added. “And since a lot of my comics are about everyday objects, many people can strongly relate to them. Some comics might even change how you look at all the everyday objects around you.”

If you are interested to see his creations, check out the gallery below.