Nicolette Johnson’s Extraordinary Vases In Glazed Ceramics

Nicolette Johnson is a contemporary ceramic artist who is exploring this traditional art media by experimenting with symmetry, motifs and the importance of all pieces. Her artworks are a mix of old and new, tradition and modern life. Since the artist uses small balls to decorate her vases, they are highly recognizable for their mesmerizing, dotted looks. 

Johnson was born in London in 1990, but her parents eventually moved the family to Texas, USA, and as a grown-up, she moved to Brisbane, Australia, where she currently lives and works. Her educational background is in photographic art and social documentary, which is nowhere near manufacturing products using clay materials.

But, in 2015 she opened a new chapter in her life and began studying ceramics. This practice led her to explore the many amazing possibilities for expression that clay provides as a material. She also works with stoneware and uses wheel-throwing, coiling and sculpting techniques. Although this is traditional art, Nicolette is trying to use a modern aesthetic over re-designed ancient forms.  

Her works are represented by the Sophie Gannon Gallery in Melbourne, and some of her pieces were included in the permanent collections of The National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Brisbane.