Chloe Joyce’s Illustrations Will Remind You to Water Your Plants

Scrolling through Chloe Joyce’s illustrations might inspire you to read that book, take that bubble bath, and water your plants. Focused mainly on women, Joyce’s characters seem laid back, at times reflective, situated in their home environments.

With plants and greenery recurring themes throughout her work, it comes as no surprise that she’s inspired by both nature and gardening. “I like going for a walk or a swim (salt water is the cure for EVERYTHING!) but also just lounging around,” she told Twenty Something Humans. “It’s amazing how creative you can be if you just give yourself some time to be lazy!”

“I always feel super creative when I’m traveling,” she went on to say. “Being around new cultures and landscapes is incredibly invigorating and can really shake up how you view your work. When you’re working full time in a creative industry, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and start recycling ideas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I do think that getting outside of your comfort zone can be a nice creative.”

Based in Sydney, her work has attracted more than 20k followers on Instagram alone. But her path to becoming an illustrator and designer was a long one. “My sister is an artist, but it’s not something I ever really though of doing,” she said. “I enjoyed it, but always thought of it as her ‘thing’. I was working in fashion and really thought I would go into designing, but the fashion industry wasn’t for me, so I decided to do a design fundamentals course and boom, I’m an illustrator!”

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