Delve Into Luke Brookes’ Digital Worlds

It’s hard not to be swept away by Luke Brookes’ vibrant illustrations. Using restricted color palettes and dramatic lighting, his graphic art bursts with detail and movement, creating a somewhat energetic composition. Each illustration begins by drafting in his sketchbook. Brookes then inks whatever parts he needs in black. Following that, he scans them in, after which he colors them in Photoshop.

“My work has evolved quite a lot since I first started illustrating many, many moons ago,” he relayed in an interview with Inky Goodness. “Initially my work focused on quite heavy textures, juxtaposed with naive shapes and figures. Over the years it changed, evolving to include more dramatic lighting, a bolder more contrasting use of color, often utilizing a limited palette of 3-5 colors, and more polished figurative work.”

With a growing presence on Instagram, and collaborations with clients like Variety, The Telegraph, and Politico – his effort has clearly paid off. But he also loves working on personal projects, admitting that “working without a brief can be pretty liberating and it’s a great way to experiment without time pressures or any restrictions.”

Follow his progress on his social media pages: