Disha Dua Works Hard to Make Her Art Look Easy

Disha Dua comes from a renowned family of artists, according to her website, and looking at her illustrations it isn’t hard to think that all that talent must have come from somewhere. But make no mistake — Dua may have good art genes, but like in sports, it’s 10% innate talent and 90% hard work.

Having lived in both India and America, Dua is capable of interweaving Eastern themes with Western motifs. Though she draws in a variety of styles, from Minimalism and Impressionism to conceptual and Abstract Art, the common theme that runs throughout seems to be the universal yearning for freedom and self-discovery.

Most of Dua’s paintings are composed of a multilayered background which takes intense work and dedication to perfection, and a focused item in the foreground, delicately placed as to achieve a precarious balance.

It’s this tension between background and foreground that gives Dua’s art its unique feeling. Indeed, looking at paintings such as the ones below, we can feel the sense of simple lightness that Dua had to work so hard to achieve. 

Take a look for yourself: